About Nucleus

The Nucleus team came together to provide solutions to the NDA Estate on the Specialist Nuclear Services (SNS) framework, lots 1 to 4. Nucleus’ unique structure provides access to technical experts, who are able to respond rapidly and appropriately to the UK nuclear industry’s most complex challenges.

Why work with Nucleus?
• Dynamic and responsive
• Specialists in their field
• Located throughout the UK
• Added value through our collaborative behaviours
• Integrated and independent solutions for the whole of the nuclear life cycle

The Nucleus team can provide a number of services, including:

Lot 1:
Laboratory R&D
Active and inactive trials
Laboratory-scale to full-scale
Wasteform behaviour
Disposal system behaviour
Desk-based R&D
Research and modelling
Disposal system evolution
Post-closure performance
Software solutions and model development
Lot 3:
Decommissioning and Waste Management
Options Assessment including
Decommissioning Planning
Strategy Development
Letters of Compliance and Disposability
Lot 4:
Safety Case
Management and authorship
Criticality and shielding
Engineering substantiation
Hazard management